Monday, 30 April 2007

Welcome - Woodland Forest Chronicles blog is launched!

Hello and welcome to Woodland Forest Chronicles. This blog is for all people who are interested in following all things concerning the Woodland Forest Chronicles adventure gamebook series, written by myself, J.P.Barnett (a.k.a Jasan). The site is named after the main character (Jumpster Hopper) in my first book, "Invitation to a Feast" (ITAF).

Speaking of my first book, at this stage, it is due for publication at some stage this year (2007, approx June/July). If this changes, I will let you know through this site. The publisher is Ark House Press, based in Sydney, Australia ( Once released, you will be able to purchase the book through this site (which will be of particular benefit to international readers). My book does not yet appear on the Ark House site under the "coming soon" banner but it shouldn't be too long before it does.

Of the story itself, at this stage, I can tell you that it is a story with anthropomorphic characters (i.e. talking animals) and only one human character. The story is targeted towards the 8-12 y.o. age bracket. I will provide more details concerning the first story shortly.

I plan to use this site to keep interested readers abreast on developments concerning my first book (and future books, if the Lord wills it) as well as sharing information about the characters of Woodland Forest and writing in general (particularly adventure gamebooks/interactive fiction, of which I have been writing since about the age of 9).

Once ITAF is released (and even before), I welcome all readers to make comments concerning the book and the site. (What do you like, dislike, what would you like to see in future books etc).

Thanks for taking the time to read!