Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Market day adventures!

Hello again,

I would like to share with you all the latest (successful) chapter in my writing adventures.

On March 1 (a Saturday), I successfully acquired a casual stall (for the day) at the local monthly market in Warrandyte to sell my newly published children's book (Invitation to a Feast). The market ran for 4 hours, I sold 8 copies of the book and gave away about 50 cards that advertised my website. Considering there were a couple of things I did wrong (from an advertising point of view), to still sell 8 copies was a great success.

One lady in particular who was selling craft items from a stall opposite mine, bought one of my books an hour or so into the market and spent a generous amount of her market time telling other shoppers around the area about my book as well! She ended up taking approx. 20-30 of my business cards to give away to other people at another market she was attending the next day. (Thanks Margaret!)

Yesterday, I spent the day at Croydon market (very hot, about 36 degrees celcius) and managed to sell another three books. Considering the unpleasant weather, I was very happy to sell three and give away approx. 30 business cards.