Thursday, 29 July 2010

In conversation with a new publisher!


Things have changed since my last post - A great many things.

My original plan to self-publish the first book in my "Choices" series, "The Wounded Falcon", is no more.  I am currently in conversation with a new publisher, who wants me to write some more titles (2) to go along with "The Wounded Falcon", with the view of potentially publishing them all.

The two other titles that I am writing are books 2 and 3 (a duology) in the Woodland Forest Chronicles series:

- Journey to Mount Darkness
- The Re-lighting of Mount Darkness

As a result, my planned release month of August for "The Wounded Falcon" is suspended, pending further developments.  My apologies to those who were keenly awaiting it next month.  It will still be released, but now, at a later date.

The publisher is Wombat Books, based in Queensland.  Their site is  You can have a look at their site to see what other books they offer.  My thanks to the Director of Wombat Books, Rochelle Manners, for this opportunity.

As things develop, I will provide you all with more information.



Tuesday, 6 July 2010

That was a long break!

Hello again,

Over two years later and I am back again. I hadn't done much writing in the time away until the last couple of months. Now, things are moving again.

The final draft of "Journey to Mount Darkness", book 2 of the Woodland Forest Chronicles series is about 10-15% complete, but more significantly, I decided to re-write my first book in the Choices series, "The Wounded Falcon". It is complete and has changed from a 28 page short story to a 91 page full-length gamebook. I will be re-writing all the books in the Choices series in a similar manner.

Furthermore, I have re-vamped my main Woodland Forest Chronicles site, separating the Choices series from it to place in its own website. So now, I have two sites: One for the WFC series and one for the Choices series.

My re-release of "The Wounded Falcon" is planned for August. My wife will be providing the illustrations and my father, the cover. At this stage the text of the book is completed, the front cover is in its first draft and there are four illustrations left to complete.

The re-release of The Wounded Falcon will not be as a free book this time, but it can be pre-ordered from my Choices site.

My website addresses are:

Woodland Forest Chronicles -
Choices -