Friday, 28 December 2007

Maps! & My new Work-In-Progress (The King's Scrolls)

Those of you who are familiar with the Lord of the Rings may be aware that the maps of Middle-Earth are quite famous. An interesting map can add that extra something to a written story, particularly, if the reader is drawn to keep referring to the map regularly enough while reading.

I have a fantasy series that I am writing for teens and hope to release one day. Here is a hand-drawn map of the land where the series will be set. There's not much to show at the moment, but it is a start.

The northern part of the map will be the kingdom of Thare (ruled by King Beran and his son, Prince Adlai). The southern part of the map is the kingdom of Sadeh, (pronounced Sar-day) which is ruled by Tanas, the enemy of the King and the Prince.

Thare is divided into twelve provinces (eleven on the mainland and the twelth being the island to the northeast of the mainland).

I have a title for this gamebook series: "The King's Scrolls." I have started writing the first story in this series a few times but have not been entirely happy with it so far. I have kept all the material though, as it will still be of use in the future (particularly when dealing with names of characters, landmarks, cities etc.).

Allegory will be strong in this series, as will the visible presence of demons and angels. (but not always visible, though!)

I am close to being pleased with how this series will go and will be ready to start the first story soon. (I hope).

Here is a picture of the map, in any case.


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