Monday, 18 June 2007

A mini-gamebook adventure - "The Wounded Falcon"

I'm quite excited about today's post. I have been thinking about this idea for the past week in my own mind. I liked it, acted on it and have completed it today to share with you all on "Woodland Forest Chronicles".

I have decided to write some mini-gamebook adventures to freely distribute to all those who are interested in reading them. This will help all of you to get an idea of my style of writing and give you something reasonably significant (and complete) of mine to actually read while you await the release of "Invitation to a Feast".

My first mini-gamebook is titled "The Wounded Falcon". It is a short story, only 28 pages in length but is a complete adventure (Invitation to a Feast, when released, will be 200 pages). I welcome all to download it, have a read, and make any comments (good or bad, I don't mind). I will enjoy receiving feedback, particularly of the sort that suggests improvements. I am always learning new things in the writing industry and would appreciate any comments that will help make me a better writer so I can write more enjoyable stories for you.

The story can be downloaded at my website:

P.S. This website is only being used to store my mini-gamebooks at this stage.

Thanks again. I hope you enjoy this first story!

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