Saturday, 19 January 2008

Invitation to a feast - Pages 1 to 10 to be posted here soon!

Hello readers!

Stay tuned to Woodland Forest Chronicles (this blog site) as I will soon be releasing a larger extract of my debut gamebook, "Invitation to a Feast" here. I have decided I will post pages 1 through 10 at a date that I have not yet determined. (but it won't be far away)

Concerning the story, the first 10 pages of the gamebook are linear; there are no 'alternative paths' for the story to travel down until the end of page 10. Furthermore, the main plot (and goal) of the story is well established by page 10, so this will give potentially interested readers a solid introduction to the story. (the entire story is 200 pages long)

This will also give overseas people a way of 'flipping' through the book before buying it, as to the best of my knowledge, people outside of Australia and New Zealand cannot yet buy the book in bookstores, only via the internet.


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