Friday, 25 January 2008

"You, Robot" Page 2.


You walk upstairs to the door. "I'm here," you say.

Stone bends down. "So you're the robot," he says

"Its name's Beta," says Ada.

"Where were you last night, Beta?"

"Here," you reply.

"All night?"


"Beta cannot lie," says Ada. "It must answer truthfully by the Laws of Robotics."

"We'll see," says Stone. "I have to impound it. In our lab we'll open and analyze it."

"You can't!"

"This warrant says otherwise."

"But Beta's alive!" She slams the door. "Don't let him get you!"

You must obey Ada's order. You run as Stone hammers the door. It won't hold long.

If you hide in the lab, turn to 3.
If you flee out the back door, turn to 4.

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