Monday, 12 May 2008

What a review!

My first major review of "Invitation to a Feast" has been received...and what a review it is!


The best thing about the book is that no matter how many times I read it, I am surprised every time because it all happens by chance!!

Yes it is a challenge indeed. The book made me think about my choices, because every choice had a consequence and I wanted to make the right choice!! I tried to follow the Noble Ranger's guidance, and still, so many times I did not make it to the feast!

The use of the dice made the book even more challenging, as this was something that I could not control and often got me in to trouble! It was most exciting when something new happened and I had no idea what to expect next. Especially when I encountered dangerous animals that wanted to stop me getting to the feast! Those were very fun times and full of adventure! Especially the weasel...I met with him quite a few times!! I think in all, that I tried to get to the feast about 9 times...

...but when I eventually unlocked that gate...

I was so excited (especially when I got to meet the Noble Ranger!!) and all of my hard work really did pay off! I didn't want the fun to end...and I look forward to my next adventure with Jumpster Rabbit.

Invitation to a Feast is just so much fun to read and I can read it anywhere!

Thanks so much for such an enjoyable reading adventure! Zadie-Jane Clapham, 10.

(The original posting of the review can be seen by clicking here)

Thank you, Zadie-Jane, for this encouragement,


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