Monday, 19 May 2008

Woodland Forest Chronicles to continue - The King's Scrolls on hold

I have made a decision recently to place my planned fantasy gamebook series for teens, "The King's Scrolls," on hold while I continue writing more stories in the Woodland Forest Chronicles series. It is better to get one series off the ground before attempting another, and the amount of stories in my head for the Woodland Forest Chronicles series is still increasing.

I have ideas for some prequel stories (set before "Invitation to a Feast") down the track, that will go right back to the beginning of how Woodland Forest was established, the beginnings of The Noble Ranger and the events leading up to the rebellion by The Dark Panther and his cohorts of wolves and foxes.

For now, I have nearly completed the first draft of book #2 in the WFC series. It will be the first book in a two-part duology. My working title for the story is "Journey to Mount Darkness." I will continue to provide readers with more information as time goes on.

Have a great day!
J P Barnett

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