Thursday, 24 May 2007

How do I re-use Jumpster's Character Scroll?

I said that my next post would be an extract from the book, but something has come up in the meantime that I thought I would make an entry about. I recently had a good question come in from The Penning Princess on this site:

"Is it possible to include more than on(e) scroll in each book because when you have three kids each one will choose a different path. Or can it be photocopied for additional children.(?)"

The answer to the above will actually be contained within the book's instructions when released. The below is actually quoted from within the book:

"You are advised either to record the score on Jumpster’s Character Scroll in pencil or to make photocopies of the scroll for use in future adventures."

Photocopying is no problem. It is a common practice for readers who read adventure gamebooks. Thanks to the Penning Princess for your question!

I still plan for the next regular post to be the book extract as promised.


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