Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Invitation to a Feast - Book extract now available

To all readers I am pleased to announce that today is the day that I am releasing an extract of the upcoming book, "Invitation to a Feast" for public viewing and feedback. It is reproduced below:

Page 9

Eventually, the morning of the feast arrived. Jumpster’s family gathered outside to farewell him from Hopper’s burrow. Mr Hopper was beaming with pride for Jumpster. Mrs Hopper, while also proud, softly shed a few tears, as she knew there would be dangers along the way for her son. Jumpster and his family exchanged many hugs and kisses.
Mrs Hopper had packed Jumpster’s rucksack with some fresh carrots from her garden for him to eat on his journey.
Record the carrots under the list of equipment on Jumpster’s character scroll.
Jumpster had tied his invitation to his belt firmly. He did not dare risk losing it.
“Be sure to stay away from any wolves or foxes Jumpster!” advised his parents.
“I will Mum and Dad!” promised Jumpster. He waved goodbye and set off south towards the Cobblestone Road.

Turn to page 10.

Feel free to make any comments. I hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned as on my next post, I will be announcing details of an upcoming competition where the winner will receive the first signed copy (by me) of "Invitation to a Feast".

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