Monday, 14 May 2007

Jumpster's character scroll

The adventure gamebook genre is notably different from an ordinary book in that the reader will often be asked to make a choice from two or more options at regular intervals. This will take the story down a different path.

Furthermore, the reader is given a 'scroll' (printed inside the book) where they can record various character attributes and story events that will be referred to as the tale unfolds. For example, it is important for the reader to write down items of equipment collected by the main character during the story. Questions will eventually be asked of the reader as to whether the main character has collected a particular item along the way. This may have significant repercussions as to how the story concludes depending on whether 'item x' has or has not been been collected during the adventure.

Above is a view of the scroll that is to be used for 'Invitation to a Feast'.

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Anonymous said...

Jumpsters character scroll is a good idea. However is it possible to include more than on scroll in each book because when you have three kids each one will choose a different path. Or can it be photocopied for additional children. It's just a suggestion from a mother of three.

The Penning Princess (kspil)