Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The workings of energy

Hello again,

It's been over a week since I last posted and I am pleased to say that interest in ITAF (Invitation to a Feast) is steadily growing. Following on from my article last week (about Jumpster's Character Scroll), today I am going to give interested readers a sneak preview concerning how the main game attribute in ITAF, "Energy" will work. Below is an extract from the gamebook instructions (printed at the beginning of the book when it is published) that explains a little how Energy will work:

Roll two dice. Add 8 to the number rolled and enter the total in the ENERGY box on Jumpster’s Character Scroll...

Jumpster’s ENERGY score will change regularly during his adventure. It will drop as a result of fleeing from wild animals, by falling foul of hazards or after performing any particularly arduous task.

Jumpster’s ENERGY score represents how fatigued he is. The lower the score, the more exhausted Jumpster is. This becomes crucial when Jumpster has to flee from any wild animals during his adventure.

Stay tuned as my next posting will include, for the first time, a short extract from the book itself!!!

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